2020 News:


        · Nominee in portrait category  in Child photo competition 2019 second half. with the picture "Mosaic"

2019. News:


     · Nominee with the pictures "Fractions, Between Nature, Figures & textures" in Child photo competition Bw first half 2019


      · Nominee with the picture "starry" in Child photo competition portrait awards July.


     · Honorable mention with  the pictures "Light & shapes" and "siblings" in CPC Portrait Awards .  Take a look!


     · Nominee in Childhood category with the series “Projected bodies” in ND awards! Check it out!  

2018. News:


     · Honorable mention with  the pictures "beyond the universe &  double trouble" in CPC Portrait Awards.  Take a look!

     · 3rd prize Winner in Spider Awards Children of the world category with the picture "Contrast". Honorable mention to the picture                 Dreaming About Stars and heaven. Check it out!


   · Nominee  in Black & white Child photo competition 1st halft 2018 with the pictures "A tree"  &  "In nature"  Take a look!

  · The Awarded series "Projections" Featured in Monovisions Black & white Awards Website. Check it out! 


   · Four pictures got an honorable mention in CPC Awards June! (Wings on the field, Wait, Too much sweets and Light & shapes) Check it out!

  · 1st prize Winner in Conceptual category with the series "Projections" in the second edition of Monovisions Awards. Take a look!


   · Honorable mention with  the picture "rainbow" in CPC Portrait Awards.  Take a look!


   · Honorable mention with the series "Fractions of Childrens Life" in Moscu photo Awards! check it out!


   · 3rd prize Winner in people category with the series “projected bodies” in the 4th edition of Fine art Photography Awards!  Take a look!

   · Nominee in portrait category with the photo “spring” in Fine Art Photography Awards.

   ·"Dreaming about stars and heaven" selected Mark of Excellence by I-shoot-it photo competition jurors.


   · Nominee & Honorable mention in the 11st edition of Color Awards with the photos "The cavern" &  "Hypnotic."  Take a look!

   ·Featured in E Book of Winners by Child Photo Competition. Take a look! 


   · Winner in category Childhood & Maternity in AsisaFoto 2017

   · Winner 1st prize in Child Photo Competion 2017 Second Half in Lifestyle Category. Read the interview Here!